Pacific Youth Sports provides is an affordable program for boys and girls in an effort to help children stay physically fit by providing an opportunity to participate in fundamental learning experiences in our youth sports programs. We offer a variety of programs which include cheerleading, dance, gymnastics and basketball.

     We educate our youth to set goals, gain strength and coordination, build self confidence and social skills, showmanship, teamwork, gain flexibility and promote physical fitness, while providing a safe, positive and fun environment.  


Be a part of our Team while having fun and performing at our events!
Have fun learning the latest Hip hop & Jazz moves while meeting new friends! Learn how to tumble and show off your best gymnastics moves! Learn footwork, ball handling, screen and roll techniques, shooting mechanics, passing as well as offensive and defensive strategies!








  How it works:

♦        Purchase a card for $10 dollars and earn up to $250.00 towards uniform, merchandise & performance fees.

            Card cannot be used for class fees or rolled over to the next session. No exceptions!

 ♦        Each star scratcher on the card is an opportunity for a local business, friend or family to donate money towards purchasing your cheer/dance items.

 ♦        Each star ranges from $0.75 – $3.00 to make it affordable for our donors. However they can scratch as many stars as they want!

 ♦        Bring the card and money collected to class each week. If you do not collect any money, the card is NOT refundable.  

 ♦        A log will be kept with the money you’ve earned and will be verified and initialed by you every week

 ♦        When it is time to purchase your uniform, poms and any other accessories you will just mark on the credit portion of the form with the amount you earned from the fundraiser.

 ♦        Continue the fundraiser until the card is finished or by the deadline date.  Card must be turned in by due date on class schedule.

 ♦        All cards must be returned when you are done earning your credits or you will be responsible for all $250.00.

 Uniform & fundraiser card Deadline:  See class schedule for details




 Contact us

(909) 987-1240




What's New
Winter I 2015

Our Winter I 2015 session will begin the week of January 26th! Don't delay register today!

Coming up in March we will have a new STUNT/TUMBLING Class! 

Our next tryouts for our Competition Team (ages 12-15) will begin in May2015!