Pacific Youth Cheer is a year round program for girls ages 4-15. We provide an affordable opportunity to develop and improve cheerleading fundamentals while providing a safe and fun environment. Pacific Youth Cheer incorporates a combination of cheer, dance, stunting, and strength/conditioning to teach goal setting and team work.  With over 200 athletes, Pacific Youth Cheer has 11 locations to choose from in the Inland Empire. 


Program Highlights:

  • Our sessions are year round, in the evenings, and run 8 weeks with instruction being taught once a week. 
  • All students receive an award at the end of each session.
  • We perform at a different event each session throughout the year with new instruction and music taught every session. 
  • A uniform is required to perform and can be purchased online or in-class (one-time purchase and is used every session).

We educate our youth to set goals, gain strength and coordination, build self confidence and social skills, showmanship, teamwork, gain flexibility and promote physical fitness, while providing a safe, positive and fun environment.


We offer fundraising to help off set the cost of the uniform or any cheer items that you would like to purchase.  Our fundraiser card is only $10 with a chance to earn up to $250.00 towards your uniform and any cheer practice clothes or other items. Cards cannot be used towards class fees or rolled over to the next session. Once the card is purchased, there are no refunds.  All cards must be returned when you are done earning your credits or you will be responsible for the $250.00.

No Refunds